About Jeremy Sheffield





Jeremy Sheffield (no middle name)

  EYES: Green
  AGE/D.O.B: 17 March 1966.  Which makes Jeremy a Pisces. 
  HEIGHT: Tall!  .... 6ft 3ins
  CLAIM TO FAME: Ballet Dancer/Actor
  FAMILY: Father - Businessman. Mother - teacher.
  INTERESTS: Scuba diving, keeping fish, wildlife & zooming around on his scooter!
  PETS: Two cats, Missy and Busta.  They're named after the rap stars Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes.

Dancer with the Royal Ballet Corps, acted in tonz of TV commercials including one for Martini, was the lurve interest in the Nathalie Imbruglia pop video 'Torn' and appeared in Queen video "I want to break free" whilst he was a ballet dancer. On TV he starred in Holby City, Merlin (1998),The Governor (1996) Anna Karenina (1997), Safe Haven (1995) and Her Own Rules with Melissa Gilbert in 1998. Go to the official Barbara Taylor Bradford Site to see some pics from the film. Cinema Movies: Creep and The Wedding Date. For further details see the Filmography Page



  ROYAL BALLET:  Danced in the named role of Paris in Romeo and Juliet.

Grew up in Essex. Counts Miami as his main home but has a rented place he shares with a friend in London while filming Holby.


Appendix op scar. A tattoo on his back, of a painting by William Blake called Ancient of Days. I have put a picture of this painting and Jeremy's tattoo in the Miscellaneous Gallery. He also has another tattoo of a Koi Carp on his calf.



  FAVE RESTAURANT: According to the Virgin.net food and drink site, it is The Treehouse in Barnes, South West London.