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Jeremy plays Major Nicholas Welling in this 7 part series that shows what life is like for misfit recruits who have joined the army.




USA - Feb 4th 2005

UK - April 22nd 2005


Kat Ellis (Debra Messing), a young woman who returns to her parents' London home for her sister's wedding and has to confront her ex-fiancée (Jeremy Sheffield) Jeffrey, who dumped her two years before. In a desperate attempt to face the ordeal with dignity, Kat hires a top-drawer male escort (Mulroney) to pose as her new boyfriend, only to realize that pretend relationships could be more nerve racking than facing up to the truth.

Cast List

Debra Messing
Dermot Mulroney
Holland Taylor
Jack Davenport
Jeremy Sheffield
Sarah Parish
Tom Conti


You can see some new pics of 'CREEP' here.  This is one of Jeremy looking very messy!!


CREEP - Release date - 2005


Celebrated actress FRANKA POTENTE, star of The Bourne Identity, Blow and Run Lola Run leads an exciting cast including SEAN HARRIS (24 Hour Party People), JEREMY SHEFFIELD (Something Borrowed), PAUL RATTRAY (Enigma), VAS BLACKWOOD (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), KEN CAMPBELL (A Fish Called Wanda) and KELLY SCOTT. CREEP is the debut feature from acclaimed writer and director CHRIS SMITH, previously responsible for short films including The Day Grandad Went Blind and The 10,000th Day. The film is produced by JULIE BAINES and JASON NEWMARK of DAN FILMS (The Cat’s Meow, Summer Things, Butterfly Kiss) and will shoot on location in London and Cologne.

London, midnight, on a cold evening. Unable to find a taxi, Kate (Franka Potente) heads for the Underground. She takes a seat away from the crowd of late-night revelers and waits for the last train. Before long she drifts off to sleep… and wakes to find everyone gone. She momentarily panics until another train pulls in. She boards, unnerved that she’s the only passenger, but relieved at last to be on her way. Halfway through the tunnel the train jerks to a violent halt. The lights shut off and the train is plunged into darkness. Kate screams… she is trapped, in the dark… and she is not alone… her nightmare has only just begun.

Writer/director CHRIS SMITH injects fresh blood in to the horror genre with his debut feature. He comments: “With CREEP I intend to take away the safety net, to explore our worst fears, beginning with the basics: the fear of being along, being trapped, being in the dark, and then moving on to far less palatable areas: assault, torture and human experimentation. This will not be a film that allows you to relax at any point, safe in the knowledge that you can cope with what’s to come. Instead you will always feel that the worst is ahead, but you will have no choice but to watch.”

CREEP will shoot on location in London and Cologne. Among the London locations is the eerie disused Underground station of Aldwych and other sites in the West End. Production design is by JOHN FRANKISH, whose previous credits include Thunderbirds, Gosford Park, Chocolat, Highlander II and Brazil. Cinematographer is DANIEL COHEN who recently shot Shane Meadow’s Untitled and Only Human.

MURDER IN SUBURBIA - Saturday March 13th 2004


Series 2 starts on ITV1 in 2005


Jeremy plays the boss of two female detectives in this ITV1 crime drama series.  The two leads are played by Lisa Faulkner and Caroline Catz, who play the detectives.


An exceptional investigative team with the irresistible knack for uncovering the truth…the instinctive, chaotic and street-smart Emma teams up with meticulous and often stubborn Kate to create suburbia’s sassy, female crime-busting duo. The murders in suburbia are sometimes premeditated, sometimes spontaneous, but always lethal, and guarantee edge of your seat suspense, whilst the dynamic duo solve the crimes and ultimately bring the killers to justice.
6 x 1 hour episodes.

HEARTS OF GOLD - 2003 Adapted from best selling novel by Catrin Collier.

From deep in the South Wales Valleys comes a bittersweet but heart warming love story of attraction across the class divide in the poverty stricken Thirties.


Dr Andrew John is the pillar of middle-class respectability as he takes a post in his father’s infirmary and workhouse. There he meets bright nurse Bethan Powell, who has just passed her training exams with the highest honours. But, when Bethan discovers she feels more for the doctor than her present beau, Alun, and he falls for her strength and spirit, so lacking in his usual girlfriends, there are repercussions on both sides. Bethan’s

mining family fears she’ll be toyed with and cast aside, while Andrew’s upright parents think that their son is risking his reputation for a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. When their families succeed in dividing them, the lovers suffer a series of setbacks – worthy of Thomas Hardy – which could see them parted forever.

Hearts Of Gold, which stars Holby City’s Jeremy Sheffield as Andrew and newcomer Kate Jarman as Bethan, is the first book to be adapted for television in the Hearts Of Gold series by Welsh author Catrin Collier. Set in Collier’s home town of Pontypridd, the novel is adapted by MatthewBaylis, himself a novelist and former story-liner for EastEnders.


The book, originally published in 1992, is the first to feature the core group of characters who populate the remaining seven books in the series.


"Very many people will be familiar with Catrin Collier’s work," says executive producer Matthew Robinson. "They are confident, heart-warming stories, full of fantastic characters the audience will love."


Filmed on location in some of the mining towns of South Wales, Hearts Of Gold features established actors such as Jeremy Sheffield, Geraldine James, David Troughton and David Warner.The two-part drama marks the leading role debut for Kate Jarman, whose only previous role on BBC One was in the acclaimed Dominic Savage film, Nice Girl.


"We were very lucky to find and cast Jeremy and Kate, two really talented actors, who light up the screen whenever they are together. They bring a whole new warmth to an already rich drama," concludes Robinson.


GREASE MONKEYS - 2003 - Dark comedy/drama

Tales from the edges of a dysfunctional Asian family in Manchester

Jeremy makes a guest appearance as Mark Miller - A flashy, smooth talking Ferrari driver! In the episode entitled 'Last Man Standing'


2.05pm Tuesday 28th January 2003 - BBC ONE

Coming Up For Air is the story of a man who has lost the life he promised himself, in the details of daily existence, but who has the opportunity to start again. Jeremy Sheffield (Holby City )plays Tom Rourke, an over-worked and unhappy solicitor, locked into a life he can’t remember asking for.


The Cast List...

Tom Rourke ...... Jeremy Sheffield
Iris Rourke ...... June Whitfield
Sarah ...... Mandana Jones

Linda  Green BBC1 - Oct 2002



Stan’s a cut above the other men in Linda’s life - we’re talking Wilmslow not Wythenshawe! Rather than taking her for a quick curry and some bevvies before whizzing her back home for a shag, he’s a real romantic. It’s all quiet, candle-lit dinners, chocolates and flowers. Darren and Jimmy look positively Stone Age in comparison - farting, burping and wearing the same underpants two days running. And he’s not the sort of guy to make a move on a first date.


It throws Linda at first (she’s not used to romance) but after a while she begins to like Stan’s old-fashioned approach. Soon she’s tripping around in floaty gypsy dresses and really enjoying the attention. But as always in Linda’s life there has to be a fly in the ointment - it turns out that Stan’s a married man and carrying on behind his wife’s back.


The romance has gone in his own relationship and in a split second he decides to grab the opportunity and make life more exciting.


Jeremy explains, "I think he’s a sensitive, caring and intelligent, but flawed man. His behaviour is understandable but unforgivable. It’s like Sliding Doors – that one moment where he has a decision to make, he sees how attractive Linda is, and either acts in that

moment or loses her."


Despite Stan’s best efforts however, there’s no way that Linda would do the dirty on his wife and Stan’s soon out of her life faster than a greased pig.


"If the circumstances were different, they would make a wonderful couple," states Jeremy. "He has an obvious appeal to her, and he really likes her. He is not a lady killer or a serial cheater, but just fell for Linda’s charms and their mutual attraction."


Jeremy was excited about working on Linda Green. "After recently filming Grease Monkeys and starring in Holby City, it was a welcome change to dip into a fantastic series like this and play a fun role like Stan. It’s one of the better quality shows on TV and I’m chuffed to be a part of it."


Jeremy’s film credits include Her Own Rules, Anna Karenina and Safe Haven. He starred at the Royal Court in The One You Love, Troilus and Cressida at RSC and From Hell She Came at the Cambridge Festival Theatre. Jeremy’s television credits include The Governor, Holby City and Grease Monkeys.

Holby City BBC1 Medical Drama

2000 - August 2003


Jeremy plays Surgical Registrar Alex Adams


Barbara Taylor Bradford's 'A Secret Affair' - 1999 - Romance

Vanessa Stewart (Janine Turner) has the soul of an artist, but her business tycoon father insists that she follow in his footsteps. As a result, Vanessa convinces herself that she wants to be a globetrotting executive, and also that she truly loves the man to whom she is engaged. But while in Venice on a business trip at the behest of her father, Vanessa meets and falls in love with adventurous Irish TV war correspondent Bill Fitzgerald (Paudge Behan). Deciding to kick over the traces, Vanessa is prepared to turn her back on her family obligations and plight her troth with Bill. But Fate, as it often does, takes a hand in matters when Bill is reported killed during a dangerous combat assignment. Based on a novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford (as if the full title of this made-for-TV feature left any doubt), A Secret Affair first aired October 27, 1999 on CBS

Jeremy plays Lucas Kent (small roll)


Based on the book by Barbara Taylor Bradford and starring Melissa Gilbert and Jean Simmons, this is an extraordinary, powerful movie about the passions and loves that are ignited through injustice and betrayal.


Now in her thirties and head of a giant hotel empire, Meredith Sanders returns to the English village where she was born to vitsit Agnes, her childhood friend from their harsh days in the orphanage. She also meets Lucas (Jeremy), who has experienced his own devastating losses.

But Agnes is now dying and Meredith's return is soon to unlock an incredibly emotional chain of events that begins with the startling discovery that Meredith's mother is still alive.

Soon the inevitable confrontation and a shocking revelation are to propel Meredith on a heart-wrenching journey that finally enables her to release her true feelings and find the courage to love again.

MERLIN - 1998

Sam Neill, Helen Bonham-Carter, John Gielgud, Rutgher Hauer & Miranda Richardson

Jeremy plays Sir Lancelot du Lac in this fantasy adventure story of the legendary wizard. 

Filmed in Wales

ANNA KARENINA - 1997 - Drama/Romance



Sophie Marceau and Sean Bean

Jeremy plays the part of Boris.

Filmed in Russia

The Governor book cover
THE GOVERNOR -1996 - TV series

Starred Janet McTeer

In this 1996 drama series Jeremy played Dr. Thomas. The Governor is about the first woman put in charge of a maximum security prison.

Filmed in Ireland

SAFE HAVEN - 1995 - Drama/Thriller



Allie Bryne, Miranda Pleasance & Donald Pleasance.

A tense psychological thriller, a story of sexual jealousy and betrayal.  Jeremy plays the part of Sean.

Filmed on and around the Summer Isles in Sutherland

TORN by Nathalie Imbruglia

Jeremy starred as the love interest in the music video. He also danced in the Queen music video I want to break free.

TV COMMERCIALS - numerous.  Also a walk-on part in EastEnders in which he delivered crisps to Grant Mitchell