These will come when I have a stable enough internet connection to upload them!  You may have noticed the site wasn't working for a while and wasn't updated.  This was mainly due to internet issues where I live and some health problems.  I had to made a decision whether to close the site or try to work on it when I can. Right now I have a wi-fi thru a local hand gliding company, but the signal is like a wave depending on the weather and the trees, so I can only upload when it stays stable long enough!


July 2016

Check out the Interviews Page for several updates and I will also be adding pictures to the various Galleries.  Added a brand new Hollyoaks Gallery.


May 2016

Watch this space for updates.  I've been revamping the site and will be adding some pics and interviews soon.


Aug 2009

  • Added a link about Jeremy working out at Fitness First to the Interview's Page.  Contains very nice photo you can click on for the full size version.

Jan 2009


Just a couple of updates to the site: 

  • Updated the Schedule Page with the movie "The Children" (working title The Day).

  • Added an interview about "The Children" to the Interview's Page.

Sept 2008


Many apologies for the last of updates.  I had a major computer disaster and just got everything fixed about a month ago.  Sine then I've been just catching up and trying to put everything back as it was.  Just a few updates, just a little late but also a couple of things to watch for.

  • Updated the Schedule Page with the movie "Beg, Borrow or Steal" which was a working title for "Miss Conception". Added a new movie Jeremy is filming called 'The Day' and 'Babylon'.

  • Added 2 interviews about Hotel Babylon to the Interview's Page.

Nov 09 2007

  • I've put the new 2008 Calendar up for you to print off.  It's a little different this year, so I hope you will still like it. It's only 4 pages total, with 3 months to a page, but lots of pics to look at!  Check it out on the Calendar Page.

  • Added a new photo to the Misc Gallery of Jeremy at Ladies Day at The Celtic Manor Wales Open.

  • Jeremy NEWS has moved to it's own Page.

Oct 20 2007

  • Added 30 (YES 30!) of pics of Jeremy at various award shows and film festivals from 2005 thru 2006 to the  Misc Gallery Page.  They are all pretty small pics but i think you can still see him!

  • Added 2 links to the Interviews Page.  One is from on the Safari School Finalists and how Jeremy did well with his plants and animal knowledge but was a bit dangerous with a gun!  The other is a link to You Tube where there are various clips of Jeremy on shows like Paul O'Grady and the Renault Cleo Ads.

July 21 2007

  • Added 3 pics to the TV Shows Page.  One is Jeremy in a Norwegian TV commerical (thanks to Ane for this) and 2 are more stills from the Renault Clio Ads.

Feb 13 2007

  • Updated the link for the Casualty and Holby Fan Club thanks to Angela for the update.

  • I've added a couple of pics of Jeremy from Safari School to the TV Shows Page

  • Added the Interview called The Lion King that goes with the Safari School pics to the Interviews Page

Jan 02 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Every New Year I plan to have the calendar up on the site before the 1st and every year it just never seems to happen for various reasons!  Anyway here it is one day late.  Hopefully it will work for everyone, if you have any problems please let me know.


Dec 23 06

  • Photo of Jeremy filming in Egypt for the BBC Holiday Program and a pic from Blue Murder  added to the TV Shows Gallery

  • Read about Jeremy's trip to Bermuda with the BBC Holiday Program

  • See the other great photo's taken of Jeremy while he was filming on location in Egypt.  Many thanks to Andy at Third Eye Photo for letting us see the pics he took.

  • Added an Interview from April 05 called Dancing Date to the Interviews Page

Aug 26 06

Interview from the Northern Echo added to the Interviews Page in the 2005 section.


Aug 19 06

New Photos added to the Misc Gallery:

  • Jeremy at The Motor Show in London

  • Jeremy looses his ice cream at the London Film Festival

July 31 06

  • Photo of Jeremy in Egypt added to the Misc Gallery.

  • Updated the Interviews Page to make it easier to view Interviews by year.

  • Added a slide show effect to the Home Page and updated the text.

  • Added a couple of new details to the About Page.

July 16 06

Added some great screen shots of 'Creep' to The Movies Gallery.  Many thanks to Maureen and David for doing these for me.


June 27 06

I found some screen shots of the Renault Clio commercial for anyone (like me) who's not seen the ad on TV or can't get the download to work from the Renault site (again like me!).  You can find these in the TV  shows Gallery.


June 19 06

  • There are some great new Jeremy photos on Getty Images They are copyrighted so I won't add them to galleries but they still nice to look at. 

  • Added some new pics from Bombshell to the TV Gallery

  • Updated the Links Page and Schedule Page with Bombshell Info. 

  • Added a link on the Interviews Page where you can listen to an interview Jeremy did for BBC Essex.  Thanks to Maureen for the info.

June 04 06

Big update to the galleries :

  • 2 photos from the National Dance Awards where Jeremy presents an award added to the Dance Gallery.

  • Photo from Celebrity Mag and 9 new stills from The Wedding Date, thanks to Maureen for the info. These pics can be found in the Magazines Gallery and the Movies Gallery.

  • And last but not least pics from BBC1 Holiday where Jeremy revisits Sri Lanka.  These are in The TV Shows Gallery.