TV Times Interview 2004

He was a medic in Holby, she was a maniac in Footballers' Wives, but as our exclusive picture shows (!), Jeremy Sheffield and Zoe Lucker will be working together as soldiers in next year's new Army drama, Bombshell.
And their characters - Major Nicholas Welling and Captain Jenna Marston - will be working very closely indeed.  They're having an illicit affair in spite of the risk to their jobs - and to Nick's marriage.
'He has a failing marriage to an alcoholic wife, but he's a bit of an emotional coward and is afraid to break if off', says Jeremy.  'So he's caught between two stools, trying to juggle his family life and his love for Jenna.  And he can't juggle very well ...'.
(There's there a couple of columns where Zoe Lucker talks about how different Jenna is from Tanya, the character she played in Footballers' Wives, but her comments don't mention anything to do with Jeremy's character).
Both actors admit they are nervous about their new project, which is made by the same people behind Bad Girls and Footballers Wives.  'I think there will be a lot of expectation surrounding this, and you worry you won't live up to that' says Jeremy.


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