Care International Dance Week - June 2001

Holby City hospital heart-throb falls into line

In BBC hospital drama, Holby City, Dr Alex Adams is known as a rebel and maverick, doing things his own way, while causing havoc with his rugged good looks. But today he finally fell into line - quite literally.

Actor Jeremy Sheffield who plays Dr Adams joined in line dancing in Trafalgar Square. He was taking part in the launch of World Dance Week. Jeremy has a dancing background, so he didn't feel too out of place in the line dance and he managed to stay the full course - unlike some of the others who joined in the line dancing. But later he confessed that he was a bit out of breath.

Jeremy is not the only Holby City celebrity who has given support to CARE International. His co-star Siobhan Redmond, who plays Dr Janice Taylor, recently visited CARE projects in Ghana. She commented later: 'There is such a difference between the equipment we have in our pretend hospital in Holby, and what exists in hospitals and health centres in Ghana. It made me feel very humble. But it was great to meet so many inspiring people and see how CARE was working with them to improve health conditions.