As Holby City's sexy surgeon, Jeremy Sheffield is breaking hearts as well as fixing them...

With his film star good looks, it was only a matter of time before one of Holby's nurses fell for the charms of Alex Adams.

And, this week, when nurse Sandy Harper teams up with the hospital's newest heart surgeon, she can't stop herself from flirting with the dishy doc.

"A woman is sent up from maternity who's got something wrong with her heart and Alex tells her he has to operate," explains Jeremy Sheffield, who plays him, "She's in a right state, but while Alex can correct her physical problems, he can't deal with her emotions - that's when Sandy steps in to help. They're a great team - while he's an excellent surgeon, she's a caring nurse and shows him another side to the job."

But although Alex knows Sandy has a crush on him, Jeremy says there's no chance of him doing anything about it.

"She's only 19 and that's not really his thing," explains Jeremy, "Alex is brilliant at his job, but he's a little bit aloof. I don't think that's unusual - you need nerves of steel to go into the operating theatre and cut into somebody's heart."

Jeremy's cool on-screen manner has done nothing to deter female fans, who have sent him sackloads of mail. "A few have sent photos of themselves which is a bit strange, but they've all been very polite and nice," says 34-year old Jeremy.

Despite the fan mail, Jeremy admits he's still more famous for his appearance in Nathalie Imbruglia's video for her song Torn, where he featured in an intimate love scene. "I still get more people coming up to me to ask about the video than Holby City" he smiles.

In fact Jeremy might never have become an actor at all. He began his performing career as a dancer at the age of 10.

"I hated it," He says "It was very institutionalised, a bit like being in the Army. I became very rebelious, so i left to become an actor. So far, most of my work has been in commercials - i've done about 60 and they've taken me all over the world to some very glamorous locations. Holby is a big change for me, but i'm really enjoying it.".

Special thanks to Jayne for emailing me with this interview