TV Live & Kicking interview 25/11/2000

L&K:- Hows things going at Holby?

Jeremy- Ive been busy working very hard but things are good. Saving a few peoples lives - usual, everyday things!

L&K:- What are the waiting lists like?

Jeremy- ...ask for me when you come in because I have the best hit rate and I cure the most people!

L&K:- Youre famous for being in the Natalie Imbruglia video Torn. How did it feel to be the envy of loads of men?

Jeremy- All in a days work!

L&K:- We heard you also had a bit of an incident during a performance in a ballet?

Jeremy- During the interval my appendix burst and I was in absolute agony! So I went to hospital and asked them to take off my make up. They said they had nothing to take off my make up with. A day later the make up had run even more and I woke up to see my Dad at the end of the bed. I have never seen him look so terrified!

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