First published on Saturday 04 November 2000: Colchester Evening Gazette

Colchester: Holby star billed as UK's Clooney

One of television's new screen hunks has some extra-dedicated fans in Colchester - it's his home town.

Heart-throb actor Jeremy Sheffield has joined BBC1's medical drama Holby City and been billed as the UK's answer to George Clooney.

He plays heart surgeon Alex Adams in the show, which is a spin-off from the Casualty show, and his character is due to have a big role throughout this month.

Jeremy attended Holmwood House School at Chitts Hill, Lexden, Colchester, before studying dance at the Royal Ballet School.

After suffering four broken ankles he left dancing and became a model and actor.

He prepared for his role in Holby City by watching a triple heart bypass at the Middlesex Hospital - without passing out.

His former headteacher at Holmwood House, Jeremy Lucas, said the young actor stood out even in his school days.

"He was already having ballet lessons and was nine or ten when I used him for West Side Story in 1975. He certainly had acting talent. He stood out at that time."