Attitude Magazine (August 2002)

What do you think is the most important thing that's happened to gay culture since Attitude began in 1994?

I think just generally heading towards a society that differentiated less between what their sexuality is. My aim one day would be for it to be the same as having blond or red hair - it's simply a difference in people that has no positive or negative repercussions. I would hope that we have reached a point where sexuality is becoming irrelevant. I feel that my sexuality is totally relevant to who I am but it's not my entire identity. I take my hat off to the way Will Young has dealt with coming out. Eight years ago that wouldn't have happened, so I guess that is significant in itself. You don't have to hide it anymore, but you also don't have to yell and scream about it.

What does Attitude mean to you?

I was first involved with the magazine two years ago when I started Holby. I've always thought it's more accessible because it's geared towards gay men but not only gay men. It's interviews are not stereotypically gay which is really healthy I think.

What's up next for you?

I've just had a break from Holby and will be going back there in November. I'm doing a guest episode for Linda Green and a new BBC project called Grease Monkeys out in the autumn. I've just done a short film as well.